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Attendance Policy

            The Board of Education requires that the students enrolled in the schools of this District attend school regularly in accordance with the laws of the State.  Attendance shall be required of all students enrolled in the school during the days and hours that the school is in session.  We believe there is a correlation between attendance and success in school.  The state requires a 93% attendance rate and grades our school on attendance.  NO STUDENT shall miss more than seven percent (7%) of the required attendance days.  The maximum number of days a student may be absent from class is twelve (12) days per year or six (6) days per semester.  In addition, the state requires a 97% attendance rate for students to be eligible to receive an alternative diploma.  Students who pass 4 out of the 5 Ohio Graduation Tests may receive a diploma if they meet several criteria, one of these being a 97% attendance rate through all four years of high school.   Students must attend school 174.5/180 days in order to earn an alternative diploma. 



1.      School is the first priority for all students when school is in session.

2.      Parents are responsible for student’s attendance and communicating with the school.

3.      Attendance is expected and days of absence should be kept to a minimum.



1.      At home, keep a record of classes missed and accumulated absences.

2.      Students should not be missing school unless absolutely necessary.



1.      REQUIRED:  Call 419-294-2308 before 8:00 a.m. the morning of an absence.

2.      If calling before 7:00 a.m., listen to the voicemail, dial ext. 121 to leave a message including, name reason and a phone number.

3.      A note or excuse is required within two (2) days after student returns to school.

4.      Notes/Calls must  include:  name, date, time, reason for absence, parent name/signature

5.      If a note/call has not been received within the two (2) days, the absence will be regarded as truancy.



1.       An absence without the knowledge of parents and school authorities.

2.       Skipping school or classes will not be tolerated.

3.       Consequences for truancy will be any form of discipline deemed appropriate by the administration.  This includes:  Saturday school, attendance intervention class, alternative class, court, loss of credit, administrative withdrawal, deny issuance or suspension of driver’s license, withdrawal/suspension of work permit.



1.       Acceptable reasons to miss school will be for medical, court, family, death, and religious holidays (reference pg 8 for specific details).

2.       Appointments should always be made outside of school hours when possible.

3.       Students should only miss the time necessary for the appointment.

4.       NOTE:   The maximum number of days a student is allowed absent from a class without a medical excuse is six (6) per semester.


5.       The Administration will review attendance each week and give consideration for special circumstances such as extended illness and hospitalization.

6.       Students are excused from classes for school related activities when a school employee supervises the student.  Example:  field trips, quiz bowl, athletic contests.

7.       Students with Junior/Senior status will be given two (2) days of absence per year to attend a college or military visit.  Documentation of this visit from the college or military institution must be given to the office immediately upon returning to school.  This will be recorded as a field trip.



·       Personal Illness: May require the certificate of a physician.

·       Illness in the Family:  May require a written statement from the physician as to why his/her presence was necessary.

·       Quarantine of the Home:  Absence is limited to the length of quarantine as fixed by the proper health officials.

·       Death of a Relative:  Absence is limited to a period of three days unless a reasonable cause may be shown by the student for a longer absence.

·       Medical/Dental Appointment:  May require a written statement from a physician/dentist as to the presence of the student.

·       Observance of Religious Holidays: Any child of any religious faith shall be excused if his/her absence was for the purpose of observing a religious holiday consistent with his truly religious beliefs.

·       Emergency or Other Set of Circumstances:  Circumstances which in good judgment of the superintendent of schools constitutes a good and sufficient cause for absence from school.

·       College Visitation:  The approving authority may require verification of the date and time of the visit of the college, university, or technical college.



1.       Absences for an unacceptable reason – Not one of the above reasons

2.       Absent 15+ minutes in a class period

3.       Removal from class for discipline

4.       OSS –Out of school suspensions

5.       Students receive no credit for any grades taken the day of an unexcused absence.



1.       A student who is absent from a class more than six (6) times in a semester may receive no credit for that semester.

2.       All absences from class (except for school related activities) shall count in the cumulative total.

3.       Exceptions to this policy may be granted by administrative approval in cases of medically approved extended illness, hospitalization, pregnancy, or other situations which would result in the student being placed on home instruction/tutoring.

4.       Following the guidelines listed under ATTENDANCE PROCEDURES, an appeal of the no-credit decision will automatically be forwarded to an attendance committee.


1.       Students late to school must report to the office to sign in before going to class.

2.       Students leaving school must have parent’s permission and sign out.

3.       Calls to parents must be placed through the office staff for permission to leave.  Students who use their cell phones to place a call will receive the appropriate disciplinary action regardless of the reason for the call.

4.       Students will not be allowed to leave for lunch during the school day.




All students must be in school at least a ½ day (4 periods) in order to participate in extracurricular activities/events on any given day.  Special attendance circumstances must have prior permission from the principal (or athletic director for an athletic activity) in order for the student to participate.



1.       The PPA form may be used in situations when a student and the parents know in advance of an upcoming absence.  This form is available in the office.

2.       The completed PPA form will replace the parent phone call.  A parent note needs to be brought in the day after stating where they were.  If it is a college visit, please bring a note from the college on their letterhead.

3.       The PPA form must be submitted to the office at least one (1) day in advance of the absence.



                  Ohio Law entrusts us with accounting for the attendance of all students.  Students and parents are both bound by Ohio attendance requirements.  Such requirements state that students must be present at school unless excused.  The determination as to whether an absence is excused or is unexcused rests with the building administration.  Parents may excuse their son/daughter 3 times in a 9-week period, but not to exceed 6 times in a semester for personal illness.  After either of these occur, a physicians certificate (must be an original) is required. (ORC 3321.04) Once a student is required to have a physician’s certificate, the principal or assistant principal will have to remove the requirement.


1.       Parents are responsible for student attendance and will report absences to the school.

2.       Teachers keep accurate attendance each period and report absent students to the office.

3.       Teachers will notify the assistant principal/office after four (4) days absent during the semester.

4.       The office will contact parents and/or a letter will be sent home warning parents of attendance.

5.       Teachers will notify the office if a student misses seven (7) days from class a semester.

6.       The office will notify the parents of the decision to deny credit.  The office will complete a review of the student attendance record before a notice is sent to the parent.

7.       Parents/18 year-old students may submit an explanation of excessive absences for consideration by the committee. 

8.       An appeal may be granted if the student’s unexcused absences are minimal and the student completes all stipulations set by the attendance committee.  This could include: student/parent paid tutoring at the rate of two (2) hours per absence per subject.

9.       The Attendance Review Committee will consist of: Principal, Assistant Principal, Guidance Counselors & Classroom Teacher.

10.     Decisions to deny credit or grant credit will be final.


Students eighteen years of age or older and living at home are still under their parents’ authority as far as the school is concerned.  All notes, early dismissals, and required school forms are to be completed by the parents.  Eighteen-year olds will not be permitted to sign themselves in and out of school and all grades and discipline information will be shared with their parents.  Any eighteen-year-old student with excessive absences may be removed from school at the discretion of the administration.  All eighteen-year olds and married students must abide by this student handbook.




The development of good attendance habits includes being on time. It shows responsibility on the part of the student.  Tardiness applies to cases where students are late to school, to class or to detention.  Students are considered tardy to school if they arrive after the beginning of homeroom.  Students who arrive after the start of third period will be recorded as a half-day absence, but it will be considered a tardy for discipline purposes.  Students tardy to school must report to the attendance office before going to class.   Students who attend only in the afternoon will be counted tardy if they arrive after 12:27 p.m., but before 1:00 p.m.  In addition, students will be considered tardy if they leave school after 2:00 p.m.


Students will be allowed to be tardy 3 times each semester.  Beginning with tardy #4, students will be assigned discipline in addition to absences which may include:  Alternative Class, Attendance Intervention, Saturday School, Suspension, &/or Wednesday Extended School.



1.       Students who are tardy to class should report directly to class.  (The exception is if the student is tardy to school, then they must sign in at the office first.)

2.       Teachers will assign disciplinary action to students who are tardy to class.

3.       If on rare occasions students need more time (due to the need for the restroom, phone usage, going to their locker, etc,), they should report to their next class and ask the teacher to be excused from class.

4.       If a student is detained by a teacher, that teacher should sign the student’s handbook pass page to give to the teacher of the class for which they are late.

5.       Missing a class more than fifteen (15) minutes = one (1) unexcused class absence.

6.       Teachers will submit an office referral form to the administration if a student is tardy six or more times to class.

7.       Every 4th tardy to class may be assigned the same discipline as a tardy to school.


Arrangements for doctor or dentist appointments, court appointments, driver’s permit and license tests and any other appointments must be made with the secretary or principal by 7:45 a.m. on that day.  This may be done by presenting a written note specifying the appointment, date, time, and the parent/guardian signature.  Students are expected to bring documentation when they return from any appointment.  Students must return to school immediately upon the conclusion of their appointments.


Students who need to leave during the school day for any reason (illness, etc.) must first report to the principal/secretary to sign out.  Permission from school authorities and the parent/guardian must be secured before the student leaves school.

Students who enter/exit the building during the school day without checking in/out with the principal/secretary will be unexcused for the time missed.


For excused absences, the student will receive credit for work which has been missed.  Generally, a student will be given an amount of time equal to the number of days of absence to make up work missed.


It is the student’s responsibility to contact his/her individual teachers to secure missed work and make the necessary arrangements to complete.   If a student is absent 2 or more days, parents may request that assignments be collected.  Requests should be made in the morning when the student is reported absent.

For unexcused absences, make up work is not accepted and will be recorded as a “0” (no credit) for assignments.  This includes out of school suspension or expulsion.



1.      Students attending Sentinel Career Center are expected to attend Sentinel when they are in session.

2.      Students are only excused from Sentinel for the following:

-Upper Sandusky does not provide transportation

-The Homecoming Pep Rally

-Principal approved activities/field trips

3.       If a student is to be excused from Sentinel, USHS will notify Sentinel.


Vacation Policy


We strongly discourage family vacations during the scheduled school year.  Vacation days other than those that are on the school calendar will be unexcused absences.  These absences affect a student’s performance due to loss of instructional time.  This can result in failure for the quarter and/or loss of credit.  If a parent chooses to remove a student from school, the school and teachers, need to be notified at least two weeks before the proposed vacation date.  The following guidelines are in place:


1.      Parents may request work in advance but the teachers may not be able to provide any or all of the work.

2.      It is the student’s responsibility to pick up the assignments from teachers before leaving on vacation.

3.      On the day the student returns to school, it is the student’s responsibility to give all assignments to the teacher of the work they received before leaving on vacation, and requesting all assignments that were assigned while the student was on vacation. 

4.      Additional work, plus any tests or quizzes, must be made up within three days of the student’s return.  Students should plan to stay after school during this time to make-up any work.

5.      Students may not be able to make up all work that was part of a class activity or project and may receive a zero for the work missed.

6.      The student is responsible for contacting the teachers to schedule a time to complete all missed work.  Work that is not completed within 3 days will be given a zero. 

7.      Parents are responsible to helping students with lost instructional time and will be responsible for hiring a tutor if necessary.

8.      A student will not be able to make-up end-of-course exams missed because the family planned an early vacation.  The student will receive an F for any exam missed for a vacation.