Central Office Staff


 Superintendent: Laurie Vent

Email:  laurie_v@usevs.org

Phone:  419-294-2306


 Treasurer: Nathan Lynch

Email:  nathan_l@usevs.org

Phone:  419-294-2306


 Secretary to the Superintendent: Brenda Haubert

Email:  brenda_h@usevs.org

Phone:  419-294-2306

EMIS Coordinator: Sandee Lauer

Email:  sandee_l@usevs.org

Phone:  419-294-2306

Accounts Payable: Tricia Klrian

Email:  tricia_k@usevs.org

Phone:  419-294-2306


 Student Activity Accounts: Linda Baker

Email:  linda_b@usevs.org

Phone:  419-294-2306

Rhonda Caudill
Human Resources Director
District Safety Director
District Compliance Officer
District Wellness Chairperson
LPDC/Resident Educator Program Coordinator 

Email:  caudill_r@usevs.org

Phone:  419-294-2306

 Food Services: Mike Courtad

Email:  mike_c@usevs.org

Phone:  419-294-2306

 Transportation: Kim Graboski

Email:  kimberly_g@usevs.org

Phone:  419-294-1952

 Technology Coordinator: Jim Frye

Email:  jim_f@usevs.org

Phone:  419-989-9895

Special Education Director: Kelley Barber

Email:  kelley_b@usevs.org

Phone:  419-294-2304

School Psychologist: Tim Watson

Email: tim_w@usevs.org

Phone:  419-294-2304

 District Maintenance Supervisor: Terry Bogard

Email:  terry_b@usevs.org