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Staff MemberClassroom PageEmail AddressAssignmentBuilding
Staff MemberClassroom PageEmail AddressAssignmentBuilding
Albert, Mark  mark_a@usevs.org Intervention Specialist/Resource English High School 
Aldridge-Ritchey, Amy  Library Page amy_a@usevs.org Librarian Union / Middle School 
Anspach, Cheryl  cheryl_a@usevs.org Speech Pathologist District 
Arnold, Ed  edward_a@usevs.org Science High School 
Baker, Linda  linda_b@usevs.org Student Activities Accounts Board Office 
Banta, Amanda  amanda_b@usevs.org Intervention Specialist Middle School 
Barber, Kelley  kelley_b@usevs.org Special Education Director South Elementary 
Barnett, Scott  scott_b@usevs.org History High School 
Barth, Linda Guidance barth_l@usevs.org Guidance Secretary High School 
Barth, Paige  paige_b@usevs.org Kindergarten Union 
Beach, Lisa  beach_li@usevs.org Secretary / Food Services East 
Berger, Deb  berger_d@usevs.org Spanish Middle School / High School 
Bramel, Devin  devin_b@usevs.org  Music East / South 
Bricely, Angela Classroom angela_b@usevs.org 5th Grade South 
Bricely, Jane  jane_b@usevs.org Intervention Specialist / Resource Science High School 
Brocklesby, Mary  mary_b@usevs.org Language Arts Middle School 
Burk, Taylor  taylor_b@usevs.org Kindergarten Union 
Cameron, Reggie  regina_c@usevs.org Visual Art 9-12 High School 
Cano, Heather  heather_ca@usevs.org Kindergarten South 
Caudill, Rhonda  caudill_r@usevs.org Human Resources Director, District Safety Director, District Compliance Officer, District Wellness Chairperson, LPDC/Resident Educator Program Coordinator  Board Office 
Cheney, Alison  alison_c@usevs.org 9th-10th Grade Guidance High School 
Clark, Denise  denise_c@usevs.org Special Education Aide Middle School 
Clifford, Jim  jim_cl@usevs.org Principal High School 
Coakley, Cheryl  cheryl_c@usevs.org 5-8 Instrumental / 4th General Music Middle School / Union 
Coakley, Emily  emily_c@usevs.org 6th Social Studies Middle School 
Conrad, Pat  patricia_c@usevs.org 7th Gr Science Middle School 
Constien, Cindy Classroom cindy_c@usevs.org 3rd Grade South 
Courtad, Michael  michael_c@usevs.org Food Services Director Board Office 
Creswell, Anna Classroom anna_c@usevs.org Vocational Agriculture / FFA High School 
Davis, Andrea  davis_a@usevs.org 3rd Grade Union 
Dible, Bert  dible_b@usevs.org 7th Gr History  High School / Middle School 
Dunlap, Kristal Guidance kristal_d@usevs.org 11th - 12th Grade Guidance High School 
Dunn, Andrea  andrea_d@usevs.org K-8 Guidance Union/Middle School 
Duress, Jamie  jamie_d@usevs.org Educational Aide / Braillist East / South 
Ehrman, Brad Athletics brad_e@usevs.org Athletic Director High School 
Emerick, Sandy  sandy_e@usevs.org 5th Grade Union 
Emerick, Scott  scott_e@usevs.org Business Education High School 
Engle, Janet  janet_e@usevs.org HS Math High School 
Eyestone, Jill  jill_e@usevs.org Phys. Ed. Union Elementary 
Fahle, Brent  fahle_b@usevs.org Intervention Specialist Middle School 
Fahle, Kelly  kelly_f@usevs.org Art East / Union 
Fett, Jeff  jeff_f@usevs.org Visual Art 1-7 Middle School / Union 
Fillmore, Torry  torry_f@usevs.org Special Ed East  
Fox, Jean  jean_f@usevs.org Intervention Specialist Union Elementary 
Frazee, Aaron  aaron_f@usevs.org Social Studies High School 
Frey, Paula  paula_f@usevs.org Parent Mentor District 
Frye, Jim  jim_f@usevs.org Technology Coordinator District 
Gelinas, Kelly  kelly_g@usevs.org 6th Grade English Middle School 
Getz, Suzanne  suzanne_g@usevs.org Secretary Union / Middle School 
Gottfried, Kristine  kristine_g@usevs.org Spanish 2-5 High School 
Graboski, Kim  kimberly_g@usevs.org Transportation Director Bus Garage 
Haley, Jaclyn  jaclyn_h@usevs.org 3rd Grade Union 
Hall, Russell  russell_h@usevs.org American History High School 
Harber, Barb  barb_ha@usevs.org 2nd Grade South 
Haubert, Brenda  brenda_h@usevs.org Secretary to the Superintendent Board Office 
Headings, David  david_h@usevs.org Choral Director High School 
Heilman, Jennifer  heilman_j@usevs.org 1st Grade South 
Herring, Julie  julie_h@usevs.org 5th Grade East 
Hoffbauer, Lisa  hoffbauer_l@usevs.org Advanced English 11 / CP English 9 High School 
Karg, Pam  pam_k@usevs.org Physical Education East / South 
Kinnear, Brad  brad_k@usevs.org 6th Grade Middle School 
Kirian, Tricia  tricia_k@usevs.org Accounts Payable Board Office 
Kloepfer, Alyssa  alyssa_k@usevs.org Intervention Specialist South 
Koslosky, Gretchen  gretchen_k@usevs.org Title 1 Reading Union  
Kuenzli, Rae Office Staff rae_k@usevs.org Attendance Clerk High School 
Lauer, Sandee  sandee_l@usevs.org EMIS Coordinator Board Office 
Leonard, Jacob  jacob_l@usevs.org 4th Grade  Union 
Leonard, Tracy  leonard_t@usevs.org Kindergarten Union 
Lininger, Chris  chris_li@usevs.org College Comp / World Lit 12 / Communications High School 
Lortz, Alan Classroom alan_l@usevs.org 4th Grade South 
Lynch, Nathan  nathan_l@usevs.org Treasurer Board Office 
Massara, Julia Office Staff julia_m@usevs.org Secretary / Athletics High School 
Massara, Patrick  patrick_m@usevs.org A+ / ISS High School 
McConnaughey, Matt  matt_m@usevs.org English High School 
McDannell, Ryan  ryan_m@usevs.org Math High Schools 
McMillan, Janine  janine_m@usevs.org K-3 Principal, District Curriculum and Professional Development Union 
Miles, Jennifer  miles_j@usevs.org Intervention Specialist Middle School 
Miles, Matt  miles_m@usevs.org Science High School 
Miller, Keith  keith_m@usevs.org Algebra I / Math 2 / Consumer Math High School 
Minehart, Carol  minehart_c@usevs.org History Middle School 
Minehart, Jeremiah  jeremiah_m@usevs.org MS Business Middle School 
Morris, Angie  morris_a@usevs.org 2nd Grade Union 
Morris, Jason  jason_m@usevs.org Band Director High School 
Morris, Lauren  lauren_m@usevs.org CP English 9 / English 9 / American Literature High School 
Murphy, Angela  murphy_a@usevs.org Principal East/South 
Myers, Brittany  brittany_m@usevs.org Intervention Specialist Middle School 
Newell, Mindy Classroom mindy_n@usevs.org 2nd Grade Union 
Niederkohr, Mark  mark_n@usevs.org 8th Grade Science Middle School 
Niederkohr, Patricia  patricia_n@usevs.org Math / Geometry High School 
Niederkohr, Patty  patty_n@usevs.org 4th Grade East  
Norris, Deb  debra_n@usevs.org Secretary South 
North, Allene  allene_n@usevs.org Language Arts Middle School 
Oberlander, Elizabeth   elizabeth_o@usevs.org 4th Grade Union 
Oney, Deanna  deanna_o@usevs.org Intervention Specialist Middle School 
Orians, Diane  diane_o@usevs.org 1st Grade East 
Pahl, Sue  pahl_s@usevs.org Resource Teacher Union 
Pickett, Jeff  jeff_p@usevs.org Industrial Technology High School 
Plymale, Erin  erin_p@usevs.org Title I Union 
Pohlman, Jessica  jessica_p@usevs.org Family and Consumer Science High School 
Pohlman, Tim  pohlman@usevs.org Science High School 
Ream, Roman  roman_r@usevs.org Physical Education Union / Middle School 
Reinhart, Buffy  buffy_r@usevs.org Intervention Specialist 6-8 Middle School 
Richardson, Justin  justin_r@usevs.org Science  High School 
Richards, Sarah  sarah_r@usevs.org 7th Grade Math / Physical Science Middle School / High School 
Richman, Beth  richman_e@usevs.org Language Arts 6th Grade Middle School 
Richman, Catie  catie_r@usevs.org Health/Physical Education Union/Middle School 
Ritter, Marla  marla_r@usevs.org 2nd Grade Union 
Roberts, Dawn  dawn_r@usevs.org 5th Grade Union 
Rooper, Michelle  michelle_r@usevs.org Intervention Specialist / Resource History High School 
Ruhlen, Jennifer  jenny_r@usevs.org 1st Grade Union 
Scheerer, Kelsey  kscheerer@wyandotmemorial.org Athletic Trainer  
Schoenberger, Holly  holly_sch@usevs.org 3rd Grade Union 
Searfoss, Wendy  wendy_s@usevs.org Library Media Aide Specialist High School 
Sebenoler, Courtney  courtney_s@usevs.org 5th Grade Middle School 
Simon, Shelly  shelly_s@usevs.org Computer Apps / Multimedia / Desktop Publishing / Communication Tools High School 
Smith, Rachel  rachel_s@usevs.org 8th Grade English / 6th Grade Comp Apps Middle School 
Sprague, Stacy  stacy_s@usevs.org 3rd Grade East  
Starner, Jessica  starner_j@usevs.org Music South / Union 
Steinman, Amy Classroom Blog amy_s@usevs.org Kindergarten East 
Stull, Denise  denise_st@usevs.org Vocal / General Music Middle School / Union 
Tackett, Charles  charles_t@usevs.org English 10th Grade High School 
Thiel, Kerri  kerri_t@usevs.org 4th Grade Union 
Thomas, Wayne  wayne_t@usevs.org Marketing / DECA High School 
Treadway, Graham  graham_t@usevs.org History High School 
Vent, Laurie  laurie_v@usevs.org Superintendent Board Office 
Waggy, Corrina  corrina_w@usevs.org Assistant Principal High School 
Washburn, Darcy  darcy_w@usevs.org 2nd Grade East 
Washburn, Vicki  vicki_w@usevs.org Secretary Middle School / Union 
Watson, Tim  tim_w@usevs.org School Psychologist South 
Webb, Kimberly  kimberly_w@usevs.org Title 1 East/South 
Wheeler, Jim  wheeler_j@usevs.org Principal Middle School 
Winslow, Jeff  jeff_w@usevs.org Physical Ed / Health High School 
Young, Jenny  jenny_y@usevs.org 1st Grade Union 
Zeigler, Tom  tom_z@usevs.org 6th Grade Science / Computer Middle School 
Zeller, Angie  angie_z@usevs.org 1st Grade Union 
Zeller, Jason  jason_z@usevs.org 8th Grade Reading / Physical Education Middle School 
Showing 136 items