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Athletic Hall of Fame

** Hall of Fame Nomination Form **

Upper Sandusky has had a long, storied history of athletic successes and glory. However, unlike many surrounding communities, our town has never had a vehicle for celebrating the great achievements of those student-athletes. 

About the Hall of Fame
A group of alumni and current Upper Sandusky residents have now organized to create the Upper Sandusky High School Athletic Hall of Fame. Drawn from all age groups and eras, these women and men are familiar with and care deeply about the Upper Sandusky community and the history of its student-athletes. As a result of the formation, Upper Sandusky will now have many exciting opportunities to celebrate those individuals and teams who have made valuable contributions to Upper Sandusky throughout the years. 

To recognize and honor those individuals who command respect and admiration for both themselves and Upper Sandusky High School, through their athletic endeavors, exploits, and achievements; and to express appreciation for the high degree of skills displayed by those individuals.

The Mission of Upper Sandusky High School Athletic Hall of Fame is to honor and perpetuate the memory of all former Upper Sandusky High School students, coaches and associated persons who have brought pride and distinction to the school system, the city of Upper Sandusky and themselves; to instill and continue the tradition of excellence that has been characteristic of Upper Sandusky athletes; to link past and current generations of student-athletes; and to encourage current student-athletes to embrace the many opportunities available to them through team work, determination and dedication.

Our goals are: to seek, assess and select the first inductees to the Upper Sandusky High School Athletic Hall of Fame; to host this year’s 1st Hall of Fame Banquet that will honor those inductees; and to create an organization that institutionalizes and sustains the Upper Sandusky High School Athletic Hall of Fame. 

Six (6) candidates shall be inducted into the Hall of Fame in the first year, induction to be made at an appropriate football game (first game, homecoming, etc) in the fall. Not more than three (3) candidates shall be inducted in each succeeding year

Must be a graduate of Upper Sandusky High School, a former coach at Upper Sandusky High School, or an administrator at Upper Sandusky High School. The credentials of candidates nominated may be based upon administrative as well as physical achievements, provided such honors are in the field of athletics. 

How you can participate
If you know an athlete who you feel deserves to be inducted into the Hall of Fame please complete and submit the nomination form, which can be picked up in the High School office.

An individual meeting the qualification listed above may be nominated by anyone. Nominations of candidates for entry into the Hall of Fame shall be made annually. Nominees not selected in a year of nomination may be re-nominated during any future nomination period. 
We are also requesting additional information on the Hall of Fame Inductee's accomplishments and contributions to the Upper Sandusky Athletic programs. 

~Thank you in advance for your continued support

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Dave McClain 1994 
Lee Kirkland 1994 
K.K. Solacoff 1994 
Gus Corfman 1994 
Ed Young 1994 
Kathy McCarthy 1994 
Joelyn Shoup 1995 
Steve Schertzer 1995 
Doug Baker 1995 
Bob Schnelker 1996 
Aundra Bell 1996 
Gerald Swankhouse 1996 
Carroll Kent 1997 
Roxie Karg 1997 
Ed Fisher 1997 
Jack houser 1998 
Brad Batton 1998 
Dave Kuenzli 1998 
Tom Snyder 1999 
Rick Young 1999 
Theresa (Summit) McKinely 1999 
Brian Benau 2001 
Paul Treadway 2001 
Bob Hecker 2001 
Janet (Schilling) Patton 2003 
1955 NOL Championship Football Team 2003 
Joelle (Gottfried) Clink 2003 
Curt McMillan 2003 
Karl (Fritz) Smith 2004 
Keith Quail 2004 
Emily Bastel 2004 
Ralph Young 2004 
Robbie Lee 2005 
Nancy Ross 2005 
Jim Morrison 2006 
Erin (Falk) Minter 2006 
Meghan Horn 2007 
Duane Ham 2007 
Emily Herring 2008 
Myron Rife 2008 
Willy Vent 2009 
Keith Best 2009 
Brian Patrick 2010 
Phil Herring 2010 
Danielle (Gottfried) McWilliams 2011 
Jim Hughes 2011 
Jessica (Falk) Hemminger 2012 
Tom Kotterman 2012 
Mike Riley 2013 
John Reed 2013 
Greg Micheli 2015 
Kerri Jo (Kraus) Thiel 2015 
Showing 52 items